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From Alexei Fedotov <alexei.fedo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: contribution of treemap modification(s) ?
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 14:19:54 GMT
There is no way to give code back to Harmony without filling ACQ. This
form guarantees that you do not give Sun's private IP to Apache
Harmony which is a "clean room" implementation.


On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 5:52 PM, charlie hunt <charlie.hunt@sun.com> wrote:
> Ok ... I'm back.
> Tim:  Some questions below.   Sorry to be overly cautious here.  But, I want
> direction from you on moving forward with this.
> For others who have asked other questions .... I will get to those questions
> unrelated to getting these modifications to Harmony once we get that task
> out of the way.  Please bear with me ... first things first. :-)
> If possible I would like to get this transaction completed today since I am
> planning to be on holidays / vacation Thursday & Friday.
> Questions for Tim:
> Just to be clear on the TreeMap artifact.  The modifications are
> enhancements which made to a TreeMap 5 from the Harmony repository where we
> added / implemented the Java 6 APIs to make it Java 6 compliant.  Although I
> was the author of the changes / enhancements, I do not own this rights to
> the code that was added, Sun owns it and Sun wishes to give these
> changes/enhancements to Harmony.
> 1.) I looked over the "detailed contribution policy".  At first glance it
> looks a little daunting. ;-)  It seems a little heavyweight for what we are
> trying to accomplish which is merely giving Harmony the modifications to
> java.util.TreeMap.  Do we need to do:
> a.) Authorized Contributor Questionnaire:  This looks to be applicable if
> one is wanting to be a (long term) committer to the project.  That is not my
> intention. I merely would like to give Harmony the modifications made to
> your TreeMap 5.  Do you really need this Authorized Contributor
> Questionnaire?  Would there be some kind of "blanket" agreement between Sun
> & Apache which would make this transaction much easier?  Sun makes
> contributions and has contributors on many different Apache projects.
>  (Fwiw, I am not trying to delay or slow the transaction.  I am trying to
> figure out the easiest and quickest way to make this transaction occur.)
> b.) I am certainly not an expert at this topic.  But, after reading the
> "Contribution Policy", it looks to me as if this contribution falls under
> the "Bulk Contribution"?  Would you agree?
> Assuming you agree this contribution falls under the "Bulk Contribution",
> what is the typical artifacts put in JIRA and is this something we can do
> ahead of satisfying the "Software Grant or CCLA" which might already exist
> for Sun?  If this falls under a "Bulk Contribution" do you need the
> "Authorized Contributor Questionnaire" from me?
> Sorry to be full of questions ... this is something that is totally new and
> foreign to me. :-(
> thanks,
> charlie hunt ...
> charlie hunt wrote:
>> Tim,
>> Since you're essentially the person who's the face of Harmony these days,
>> I would like to ask you to help me (a novice) with this process.
>> Hope you don't mind some silly / stupid questions.  :-/  I'm an engineer.
>> Not an open source license and processes expert.  In other words, I do not
>> want to unknowingly do something that is harmful to either party involved.
>>  This also why I haven't put the code in front of you at this point, i.e. I
>> want to know exactly what's needed for artifacts before moving too quickly
>> and putting the code in front of you.  Open source projects tend to be
>> pretty sensitive about how they receive contributions.  I would like to
>> honor and follow Harmony's wishes wrt this TreeMap you will be receiving.
>> Hope you understand my concerns.
>> I will back shortly with a few questions.   I need to get my son off to
>> school.
>> Be back shortly.
>> thanks,
>> charlie ...
>> Tim Ellison wrote:
>>> Yep, that is the contibution policy.
>>> If there are any questions about it just ask.
>>> Regards,
>>> Tim
>>> On Apr 8, 2009 9:35 AM, "Egor Pasko" <egor.pasko@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On the 0x58D day of Apache Harmony Davanum Srinivas wrote: > Charlie, >
>>> Typical contribution to an...
>>> here is the detailed contribution policy:
>>> http://harmony.apache.org/contribution_policy.html
>>> My guess is that your contribution falls into the "Bulk Contributions"
>>> category. Tim knows this subject a lot better. Let's wait for him to
>>> speak up.
>>> --
>>> Egor Pasko

With best regards / с наилучшими пожеланиями,
Alexei Fedotov / Алексей Федотов,

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