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From Jin Mingjian <jin....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [GSoC]OSGi re-send
Date Tue, 07 Apr 2009 05:23:52 GMT
Hi, Tian,

The idea is pretty good. Although I asked you these questions, I still
have no more ideas about these quesitons myself:) For my old and
little testing, the usage of osgi bundles in harmony is mainly a easy
mechanism to solve the develop-time dependencies. that is, it is
not(or almost not?) used in the runtime. The main implementations of
osgi are on the top of JVM. So, one interesting thing is that, how the
JVM can the benefits from osgi. I guess, the original meaning of this
idea is not simply copying an osgi implementation into Harmony. So
some idea about the use cases will be much discussible. For example,
"allowed to stop the some active bundles in runtime Harmony"(if I use
the SWT, is it possible to stop awt/swing-related bundles?).


2009/4/7 tian galaxy <harmonymail.ty@gmail.com>:
> Hello everyone
> Since I get no reply since my last mail ,I check the archive and found that
> "An error occured while fetching this message"
> Maybe some got wrong on delivering the mail.
> So I re-send the mail here and hope nothing wrong this time.
> MingJian
> Hi ,
> Thanks
> To your second question ,I am a bit confused by that too
> As far as I know ,the booting procedure is not specified in the OSGi
> spec.There are some useful informantion in the doc of implementations,such
> as Equinox and Felix .
> Take Felix for example ,you could boot it by standard procedure or by custom
> .But there should always be a host program to start lanch and do some
> initial work.  For a large program such as eclipse you can first run the
> host program and then the embeded OSGi .But what is the case for small one
> ?For a simple "hello world ",it is unnecessary and unwise to sun a host
> program much larger. Where should be the host program reside in Harmony or
> should it reside in harmony?Or I just got the wrong idea about the "Harmony
> OSGi-ed".
> For the first one, since Harmony is highly modularized in the Vm and
> library ,so it is a good thing for OSGi I think.
> Third , no...
> Tian Yu

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