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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject [general] Notice and license files
Date Thu, 30 Apr 2009 13:29:32 GMT
As you know, we have a third party license file [1] that contains
required licenses and attributions for Harmony's dependencies.

We include this file in our distributions, but it is not conventional to
have such a file in Apache downloads, they are normally included in the
LICENSE or NOTICE or README files.  I'd like to delete our file [1] and
move the text into the 'standard' locations.

As I read the wiki page [2] and discussion link, it seems that these
licenses should be simply appended onto the end of the LICENSE file.

These are the licenses in our third party license file:

License Notice for ICU4C version 3.4
License Notice for ICU4J version 4.0
License Notice for FDLIBM version 5.2
License Notice for ZLIB version 1.2.3
Visual C++ Runtime Files
License Notice for Bouncy Castle version 1.41
License Notice for MX4J 3.0.2.
Notice for The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software
Notice for Little CMS
Notice for libpng
Notice for Unicode Character Database
Notice for IETF RFCs prior to 2005
Notice for IETF RFCs from 2005 onwards
Notice for RSA Public-Key Cryptography Standards
Notice for the Eclipse JDT Core Batch Compiler
Notice for Apache Yoko
License notice for the DejaVu fonts package
License notice for ASM

[2] http://wiki.apache.org/legal/3party/notice


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