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From YixunZhou <seanny2...@gmail.com>
Subject A question about jvmti
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 03:06:57 GMT
Hi all,

    I have a question about jvmti agent. I get the capability  
"can_tag_objects" and "can_generate_field_modification_events" on jvm 
start up,
but I want to tag some object in java method, so I use jni code as 

JNIEXPORT jboolean JNICALL Java_Test_tagObj(JNIEnv * jni, jclass clzz, 
jobject obj){
    // get jvmti environment
    JavaVM* jvm;
    jvmtiEnv * jvmti;
    jint res;
    jvmtiError error;
    // get jvm
    (*jni)->GetJavaVM(jni, &jvm);   
    // get jvmti
    res = (*jvm)->GetEnv(jvm, (void **) &jvmti, JVMTI_VERSION_1_0);

    // check if jvmti capacities has been set: tag, watch
    jvmtiCapabilities capa;
    (void) memset(&capa, 0, sizeof(jvmtiCapabilities));
    capa.can_tag_objects = 1;
    capa.can_generate_field_modification_events = 1;
    error = (*jvmti)->AddCapabilities(jvmti, &capa);

   // check error
    check_jvmti_error(jvmti, error, "Unable to get necessary JVMTI 
capabilities: can_tag_objects.");
    // protect all fields of obj, just tag the object
    error = (*jvmti)->SetTag(jvmti, obj, PROTECTION_TAG);
    check_jvmti_error(jvmti, error, "set tag error");
    return JNI_TRUE;

   Both capabilities are not gained. So I looked into AddCapabilities, 
it says "can_tag_objects" can only be owned by one agent, and
"can_generate_field_modification_events"  can not be gained on live 
phase.  However, I already get these capabilities on start, can I
pass them to the new agent? or can I pass the jvmti as parameter to the 
above function?


Best regard,
Yixun Zhou

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