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From Regis <xu.re...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [test] Platform spcific tests
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 04:24:40 GMT
Regis wrote:
> Regis wrote:
>> Tim Ellison wrote:
>>> Regis wrote:
>>>> Tim Ellison wrote:
>>>>> Regis wrote:
>>>>>> RI has the different behaviors on Linux and Windows in this test

>>>>>> case,
>>>>>> and Harmony has the exactly the same behaviors, so I think our
>>>>>> implementation is OK.
>>>>>> And there are some other similar cases in SocketTest, which failed
>>>>>> Linux but passed on Windows, I think it's why it is in
>>>>>> exclude.linux.x86.drl. If we fixed them, SocketTest could be moved

>>>>>> from
>>>>>> exclude list.
>>>>> It wasn't the fact that there is a difference that I object to 
>>>>> here, but
>>>>> the way you have achieved it does not fit in the Harmony architecture.
>>>>> These types of differences are pushed into the native code.  I believe
>>>>> that this should be done here too.
>>>> Our tests are all written in java, I think it's better to keep it. How
>>>> about move these platform depended tests to platform directory, like
>>>> UnixSocketTest or WinSocketTest?
>>> D'oh, sorry, I had missed that they are tests!
>>> The platform specific tests are sorted into directories under
>>>   src/test/api        (Java API-based tests)
>>> or
>>>   src/test/impl        (Harmony impl types tests)
>>> The test you modified is in
>>>   src/test/api/common
>>> but if it is platform specific, the relevant parts of the test should be
>>> in one of
>>>   src/test/api/windows
>>> or
>>>   src/test/api/unix
>>> Does that make sense?
>>> Regards,
>>> Tim
>> All right, I'll move them to platform folder.
> The new fix committed at r766631. I'll continue tide-up SocketTest, and 
> try to move it out from exclude list.

I have completed tide-up of SocketTest, and delete it from exclude.linux.x86.drl 
and exclude.linux.x86_64.drl. I tested on Win32 and Linux32, it works fine for 
me, I think it should work on Linux64 as well.

Best Regards,

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