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From YixunZhou <seanny2...@gmail.com>
Subject A question about object move
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2009 11:13:27 GMT
Hi all,

       I have a question about question move an object in gc.
       I see when an jobject is passed to jni, it is created in this way:

      jobject object = oh_allocate_local_handle();
      object->object = managed_object;

      So I think, when gc moves the managed_object, it must update the 
object->object. But I can't find the code doing this.

      The problem scenario is that I want to trace an object. So far, I 
use the address of the managedobject. But if gc
moves the object, I lose it. Is there anything I can use in an object 
for this purpose?



Best regard,
Yixun Zhou

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