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From "Stefan Ackermann" <a...@student.ethz.ch>
Subject [GSOC] Questions about harmony i18n
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 21:47:11 GMT
Hi again,

I am a bit puzzled about this project. A lot of bundles seem to use a tool  
named jilkit. At least thats the impression I get when looking at:
which after a bit of googling (msgtool) led me to jilkit but no further...
Are we supposed to replace that mechanism?

Some other thoughts anyway:
Eclipse already has a feature externalize Strings.
If EPL is compatible that would most likely make a good starting point.

I also dont know which Strings should be localized and which not. Of  
course if it changes the semantics of the program it should not, but what  
about the text in Exceptions? Those are usually only read by developers,  
not as much by end users so the time it takes to translate them may be in  
excess to the use of it.

I think this task needs more elaboration.

Thanks in advance for replies,

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