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From Krystal Mok <rednaxel...@gmail.com>
Subject [GSoC] Interested in harmony-JIT-1
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 12:43:17 GMT
Hello everyone,

This is Krystal Mok from Nanjing University, Nanjing, China. I'm in my last
year of as undergraduate.

A little bit on my experience first:
I've been enthusiastic in language design and implementation since my
freshman year in college. I've read materials on compilers and virtual
machines, including introduction material to Harmony back in 2006. I took
compiler's introductory course, and after that I've implemented a few
complete compilers as part of my enthusiasm.
My interest in VM's began when I played games built with an open-source game
engine called Kirikiri2 (http://kikyou.info/tvp/). It has a JavaScript-like
scripting language, and the underlying runtime is implemented as a
big-switch style bytecode-interpreter. I took a lot of time to dig into the
details, and learned a lot from it. Although I learned Java before coming
across Kirikiri2, I thought JVMs might be too complicated to dig deep into.
But after getting into Kirikiri2, I was fascinated by VMs and read a lot of
things on various implementations of High-level Language VMs, including
JVM's spec, Mono, SpiderMonkey, CPython/IronPython, Parrot, to name a few. I
implemented a simple big-switch style interpreter myself, but have never
implemented JITters yet.
I didn't read Hotspot's sources, though, so I don't know what other JVM's
JIT implementations really look like. I was a little bit worried of my lack
of experience in the particular field of JITters, but according to Harmony's
clean-room policy, this turns out not to be too bad :-p

Alright, back to GSoC. I'd like to have a chance to anticipate in
harmony-JIT-1. I've just set up the build environment to get started on
Harmony. Looks like it'll take some design work to separate JET with OPT,
but unfortuanately I'm taking 3 exams this week so I don't have the time to
browse through the sources before GSoC 2009 submission's deadline. How
specific should the ideas be in submissions?

I'm new to this list and Harmony's community, and any advice or
feedback would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.
My blog is http://rednaxelafx.javaeye.com/. It's in Chinese, but I'd happily
speak and write English and Japanese as well. Looking forward to hearing
from you all.

Krystal Mok
Nanjing University

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