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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: hymem crash
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 11:05:24 GMT
Nathan Beyer wrote:
> Here's what I'm doing.
> 1. I have the basic federated build setup.
> 2. 'ant rebuild' from top-folder, 'trunk'
> 3. 'cd working_classlib\modules\portlib'
> 4. 'ant test' - all of the native test pass just fine

That does nothing for me.  I have to run it from the working_classlib
directory ant script (to set up the environment vars correctly) and pass
in a couple of defines:

cd working_classlib
ant -Dtest.portlib=true -Dbuild.module=portlib test

> 5. 'cd ..\..\..\' - go back up to top-folder
> 6. 'robocopy /mir target\hdk working_classlib\deploy' - copy the
> federated build to classlib's deploy folder
> 7. 'cd working_classlib'
> 8. 'ant test' - after a bit, portlib tests are run and hymem.exe test
> blows up in the 'hymem_free_memory' method

Works for me :

     [echo] hycpu: passed
     [echo] hyerror: passed
     [echo] hyfile: passed
     [echo] hyfiletext: passed
     [echo] hygp: passed
     [echo] hymem: passed
     [echo] hynls: passed
     [echo] hyport: passed
     [echo] hystr: passed
     [echo] hytime: passed
     [echo] hysysinfo: passed
     [echo] hyipcmutex: passed
     [echo] hymmap: passed

> Is this the wrong way to test the class library? Why would this funk
> up the portlib tests?
>> I will put what I can in an issue. I was hoping another vista user would pop
>> up and validate or invalidate.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Tim

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