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From Oliver Deakin <oliver.dea...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: about java -version issue for harmony java launcher
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 09:59:46 GMT
That sounds similar to the solution I was thinking of as well - we could 
create an internal Harmony class that looks up properties/version values 
and constructs an output version information string from them. This 
class would be invoked by the launcher if the -version option is found 
anywhere in the command line options.

I see that J9 puts it's full version information in the java.fullversion 
and java.vm.info properties, but these are non-standard. I cannot see 
the version info that drlvm prints when passed -version in any Java 
property. The standard Java properties only provide high level version 
information (not full component breakdown, build dates, repository 
revision etc.). Perhaps drlvm could also set the java.fullversion (or 
some other) property - then the class that puts together the version 
information could look at this property first and if it exists use it, 
otherwise fall back to the standard, less detailed, properties 
(java.vm.version, java.vm.name etc.).

For the class libraries, I agree that a per module version info might be 
quite useful - I guess we would want to output the Bundle-Name and 
Bundle-Version from each jar manifest?


Tim Ellison wrote:
> Deven You wrote:
>>  Harmony java launcher  "java -version" command can not work with IBM J9
>> VM26 . The error result is as below:
>>  ../jres/see/bin/java -version
>> Apache Harmony Launcher : (c) Copyright 1991, 2008 The Apache Software
>> Foundation or its licensors, as applicable.
>> JVMJ9VM007E Command-line option unrecognised: -version
>> HMYEXEL062E Internal VM error: Failed to create Java VM
>> FAILED to invoke JVM
>> This issue occurs on both linux and windows x86 platform.
>>  I find our laucher just invoke the mothod JNI_CreateJavaVM()  of  vm which
>> on j9 vm does not deal with -version option according to JNI Specification.
>> the specification says:
>> "All Java virtual machine implementations must recognize the following set
>> of standard options:  ..."
>> it lists:
>>  -D<name><value>
>>  -verbose
>>  vfprintf
>>  exit
>>  abort
>> It then goes on to stay:
>> "In addition, virtual machine implementations may support their own set of
>> implementation-dependent option strings.  Implementation-dependent option
>> strings must begin with "-X" or an underscore."
>> Any other option is non-standard.
>> but for DRLVM, seems its JNI_CreateJavaVM() does not comply with JNI
>> Specification and support -version option.the result is below:
>> Apache Harmony Launcher : (c) Copyright 1991, 2008 The Apache Software
>> Foundation or its licensors, as applicable.
>> java version "1.5.0"
>> pre-alpha : not complete or compatible
>> svn = r745401, (Feb 18 2009), Windows/ia32/msvc 1310, release build
>> http://harmony.apache.org.
>> but there is still no vm version info.
>> I suggest our java launcher should not pass -version or other non-standarad
>> options  to vm interface JNI_CreateJavaVM(), instead we should make a
>> general solution to deal with them, maybe call certain methods in jre tool
>> package. so that  our java laucher can work well on different vms.
> Sounds reasonable to me.
> A basic implementation would create the VM then query the values in
> java.vm.version etc and print those, a more sophisticated (and longer
> running<g>) implementation would run a Java class and pull out the VM
> version plus version information from our class library JARs too.
> (We would need to define the SVN build info as a property too so it can
> be picked up from Java)
> Regards,
> Tim

Oliver Deakin
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