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From Naveen Neelakantam <neela...@illinois.edu>
Subject Re: Fwd: [jira] Created: (HARMONY-6007) [drlvm][jit][abcd] classic abcd pass fixes
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 21:56:07 GMT
Hi Egor,

I had started to worry that this topic would be forgotten.  Obviously it
hasn't been because you have been very busy!

I will take a detailed look at your new patch this weekend and get back
to you.  That way I can be sure to have a drink handy, per your


On 3/10/2009 3:25 AM, Egor Pasko wrote:
> On the 0x511 day of Apache Harmony Naveen Neelakantam wrote:
>>> on first implementation we checked BidirectionalBubbleSort with the
>>> current ABCD. It removed all checks. IMHO, this is a good argument to
>>> prove that the issue is fixable without introducing principially new
>>> concepts.
>> I disagree with your assessment.  I believe that although ABCD did
>> work once, it is actually quite fragile.  My fix removes a major
>> source of this fragility.
>> And as for introducing new concepts, I believe that has already
>> happened when you decided to introduce an e-SSA that has enhanced pi
>> nodes and that is used for both the upper bound and lower bound
>> problems simultaneously.  I think those were good changes based on
>> sound understanding.  I believe my change also falls into this
>> category.  Please take the time to understand what I am proposing.
> Naveen,
> sorry for the very late reply. It is not only me very busy, but also
> there had to be a lot of experimentation to find out what is
> happening.
> The short story is: "Your patch in HARMONY-6007 is great, awesome,
> it's operation is absolutely correct, it reveals a bunch of serious
> existing problems. I am very thankful for these. Fixing these
> problems covers all issues and adds extra benefits. So, I am going to
> stay with the new version."
> Now the full story, take a good seat, have a nice drink and leesen
> carefully :) I would be really glad to see comments, objections,
> advice, counterexamples, etc.
> Preface.
> I attached my patch to HARMONY-6007, please, take a look (the solver
> contains a lot of trailing space removal, sorry for that).
> Chapter 1. Passes.
> Optimization passed preceding to "classic_abcd" are:
> "memopt,dce,uce,simplify,dce,uce". I removed "hvn" since I did not
> find cases, where it becomes useful in presence of
> "memopt". "simplify" is required immediately before "classic_abcd"
> (modulo "dce,uce") because the latter relies on constants being
> folded, you can see it by running DaCapo pmd benchmark in debug mode
> using server_static pass.
> Chapter 2. Revealed problems.
> Naveen, your patch does a great job at termination stage at finding
> arraylength operands even if they are unconnected
> (i.e. unconstrained). Array length operand being unconstrained is a
> bug in "classic_abcd", so I jumped in at fixing this. The problem
> appeared in this pseudocoded situation: "call A() ->  int x;
> newarray(size=x);". The fix contains two parts: (1) handling more load
> operations that can produce arraylength operands (Op_LdStatic,
> Op_TauLdInd, Op_DirectCall, Op_TauVirtualCall, etc.) and (2) not
> renaming array length operands in chkbounds instructions so that there
> is a single instance of this arraylen to find in the solver.
> Meanwhile I spotted another problem with our approach. Consider the code:
> int arr[] = new int[limit];
> if (i<  limit) {
>      if (0<= i) {
>          arr[i] = 5;
>      }
> }
> both original version and your patched version failed to eliminate the
> check here. Just because pi renaming logic was incorrect (in fact I
> never looked into it before and relied on many assumptions about what
> in fact it does not do). And there was a bug that relied on the fact
> that Pi instructions always start the block. This is no longer the
> case when we insert tauedge() (this was probably why it broke, not
> sure). Weird, we have a lot of such crap in JIT. So, I fixed, cleaned
> that up a little. I was lazy to verify that it works right with
> nontrivial code structures. Small examples like the above worked. If
> you spot something weird with a relatively small test, I would very
> much appreciate and will fix that faster than this time.
> Chapter 3. Results.
> I ran DaCapo with both patches in server_static mode with debug build
> (all I could, not everything works, dammit). Original patch in
> HARMONY-6007 ate 9.5% checks, while the new patch ate 9.9555%. Among
> the whole run I found only 2 methods, where original patch
> outperformed the new one, but again I was lazy to spot the problem
> since the methods were quite big.
> Almost forgot, regression tests passed with both patches. I should
> commit them into the codebase as real regression tests. TODO.
> Chapter 4. Problems remaining.
> My solution is still "more fragile" in terms of being resistant to
> adding new opcodes. Whoever adds new opcodes should be careful about
> setting the constrained/unconstrained status on them in the inequality
> graph. I'd like to stick with this solution though, as I said, to
> minimize the amount of levels of abstraction.
> Another problem: memopt sucks .. at finding aliases of arraylen loads
> if we are working with fields and not with arrays on stack.
> Example:
> public class field {
>      public Object ss = new Object();
>      public Object[] objs = null;
>      private Object[] run(int l) {
>          objs = new Object[l];
>          for (int i = l-1; i>= 0; i--) {
>              objs[i] = ss;
>          }
>          return objs;
>      }
>      public static void main(String[] args) {
>          field t = new field();
>          System.out.println(t.run(10)[0]);
>      }
> }
> this is probably not killing performance in real cases because there
> is usually some external call in the loop that can potentially rewrite
> the field (using reflection, argh).
> If anyone finds more problems with bounds checks removal, please,
> report with tests. To find out how many bounds checks was
> detected/eliminated for each method, this DRLVM option is useful:
> -XX:jit.arg.dump_abcd_stats=true, this dumps the info in the
> ./bounds_checks.log (Though do not forget that other optimizations can
> also eliminate bounds checks as hvn,dabce,fastArrayFill).
> Chapter 5. Conclusions.
> Naveen, thank you thank you thank you for the great work! Without it I
> would have been clueless about important problem sources for a much
> longer while. Great job!

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