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From Suman <suman.karum...@gmail.com>
Subject GSoC Project
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 23:20:34 GMT

My name is Suman. I am a Masters student in CS at Brown and I am
interested in Java development. For the same reason, I am also excited
to contribute code to an open source Java implementation, that will
potentially be used my millions of people.  I am interested in the
following SoC projects and I would be happy to contribute to any of

harmony-tools-1 (jar)

harmony-tools-2 (jdb)




However, I am interested to know how difficult it is to implement
either of these projects. From my experience, I expect the GC will be
hardest, while the jar will probably be the easiest.  Also, from the
mentors perspective, I would like to know what a valuable contribution
would be?


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