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From Mike <mikeandm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [GSOC] Proposals from me
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 08:03:47 GMT
在 2009-03-30一的 15:47 +0800,Jimmy,Jing Lv写道:

> Yes if the programmers does have sense to make their projects localizable
> (like Apache Harmony) that'll be good, the only work left for the tool is to
> translate and fulfill the property file, however many of them does not. The
> project will help them to do that.
> Yep, that's an alternative implementation, however this requires the
> re-compilation thus is not flexible, and may have problems on deployment(jar
> replacement is costly!). If we use a property/resource Bundle mechanism, no
> compilation nor source code modification is need if we want to add one or
> more languages.

well, it sounds that we needs to scan all the Strings in the source

For property/resource implement, it's not easy let the program itself
know. That is to say, you can't control it when displaying the String.
You have to translate it out when the String is created, So if we want
to all-in-one jar translation solution, we need a hack on the String
class. Which i don't think is clean. ^_^

But of course, if we implemented in that way, harmony's j2se class
library implementation might be popular.^_^

Thanks for you reply,

Yours, Mike

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