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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code 2009
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 08:39:20 GMT

In message <c30d70960902270005k72055e64s254df9a566c8604b@mail.gmail.com>,
Alexei Fedotov writes:
> Mark,
> Could you please elaborate a bit on adding value in jdb? All java
> programmers whom I know use IDE for debug.

Perhaps I am unique. ;-)  I like using jdb because:

  * it is a thinner layer than a typical IDE - while looking at JDWP
    from Harmony JDWP I've often seen what looks to me like one single
    step actually be composed of several automatic step requests under
    the covers.  This makes debugging JDWP quite a bit more difficult.

  * it is easier to automate than an IDE

I don't like jdb because:

  * it isn't as easy to automate as it could be.  I'd like to have a 
    synchronous mode to be able to do:

    ( echo run ; echo stop at HelloWorld:10 ; echo step ; echo quit ) | jdb ...

    This doesn't work because input is processed asynchronously normally -
    for obvious reasons.

  * it doesn't support JSR-45 - I'd like to be able to debug jsp,
    jruby[0], jython, etc with jdb.

> I still believe this is a good task because it is simple and educating.

Agreed but I think there is scope to take it further if the student was
keen to do so.


[0] Actually you can debug jruby with jdb and eclipse simply by removing
the sourcedebugextension attribute from the class since the stratum line
mapping is trivial/1-to-1.

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