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From "Jin Mingjian" <jin....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Re: Re: [general] features
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 11:23:57 GMT

Very very very good news for me:)

I've seen "WIP" for windows building. I try jikes rvm 3.0.1 several
month ago, But There is no target for windows
indeed(RVMROOT/build/targets/...). I do some modification to a
ia32-linux.properties with ia32-cygwin.properties(/build/hosts /...).
But I failed again. ..
I first tried Mingw, failed...(if no special functions used, I guess
mingw=cygwin basically), then tried cygwin, failed..., the error is,
some bsh script(seem gnuclasspath compiling cmd, invoked by ant. I use
ant. ) can not work under windows. I'm not a linux guy. so stop...

I pick up joeq, I find it is really awesome work as jikesrvm.
Comparing bootstrapping implementation idea with jikes rvm, I like
joeq more, Joeq just has 2-3 .c file reletive to native and can be
build by any c compiler. That's, we can use msvc or intel cpp compiler
at windows. And more, java codes building and native codes building
can be decoupled completely. This makes porting work very easy.  I
like jikesrvm's ant based build method too.  But some ant scripts use
native shell cmd broke the beauty of ant(pure java?^_^).

The other different thing in bootstraping phase is, the joeq use the
jre binary, but jikesrvm download the sources and compile them to
build. The jikesvm need much time to be built.
*One Interesting thing is, if we bootstrap the jikesrvm under the
harmony jre/jdk, can we use the just harmony installation directly?:)

I sugguest jikes rvm team use the harmony as default build enviroment
if harmony is proven to be compatible with jikesrvm. Harmony provide a
full enviroment than gnuclasspath. Openjdk is the other alternative.
but it is also an anti-windows-users example:) Maybe those guys want
to avoid some license problem.
*Another interesting thing, if use the harmony class library, can
jikesrvn provide a binary version for later rvm release?

I would like to wait the windows-friendly Jikes RVM with harmony:) it
will be delicious...


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