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From Regis <xu.re...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] [luni] Should Improve File System Exception Messages
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 05:32:31 GMT
Hi Tim,

Thanks your advice, I'll refine the patch.

Tim Ellison wrote:
> Regis wrote:
>> I found readImpl and writeImpl in OSFileSystem.c use
>> netLookupErrorString(env, HYPORT_ERROR_FILE_LOCKED)
>> to get error messages, which are hard coded in nethelp.c, my questions are:
>> 1. why does file read/write need to get error messages from nethelp.c?
>> We already have hyfile_error_message() can do that.
> HYPORT_ERROR_* messges are platform independent so you can pass them
> around in common code.
> You should not use hyfile_error_message() since it is not thread safe -
> i.e. you might get back an error/success for a different thread's file
> operation.  Its use is deprecated.
>> 2. error messages are hard coded in netLookupErrorString, is that expected?
> That is used to map from the HYPORT_ERROR_* messages to a display
> string, so yes it is expected, but maybe not what we want to use here.
> In general, portlib functions that make OS calls set a per-thread error
> code (using hyerror_set_last_error()), and the users of the portlib
> retrieve it using hyerror_last_error_number() and the corresponding
> display string using hyerror_last_error_message().
> Take a look at the portlib functions in hyerror.c
> Regards,
> Tim

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