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From "Jim Yu" <junjie0...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][luni] Redundant and repeated external properties loading using ResourceBundle may degrade performance.
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2008 09:30:00 GMT
Hi Kevin,
Making a cache for all the message loaded from ResourceBundle will bring
huge overhead if only few message would be used in an application. Only in
some specific scenarios  where lots of duplicate message is needed would
application benefit from such caching mechanism. But I don't think such case
would be very common. Could you prove your idea by running some benchmarks?
My another concern is that it doesn't make sense to use a hashtable to store
the locale dependent message. How do you define the key for the entry? E.g.
"K0046" would not be qualified since no locale info is included. And even if
you find a good method to solve this, the overhead would be incredible if
lots of locales need to be supported for the message.
2008/11/20 Kevin Zhou <zhoukevin83@gmail.com>

> Jim Yu wrote:
>> In addition, using ResourceBundle in Harmony can make the message output
>> be
>> easily localized into different languages. And it is very convenient to
>> support more locales in the future.
>> 2008/11/20 Sean Qiu <sean.xx.qiu@gmail.com>
>>> We can benefit from it when exceptions are thrown many times.
>>> But we rarely encounter this situation in our application :)
>>> To save the memory, space outweigh time in this case.
>>> Correct me if I'm wrong.
>>> 2008/11/20 Kevin Zhou <zhoukevin83@gmail.com>
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I read some code in LUNI module of Harmony.
>>>> (org.apache.harmony.luni.util.Msg/MsgHelp and java.util.ResourceBundle)
>>>> I found that Harmony uses ResourceBundle to load messages from external
>>>> properties file.
>>>> e.g. Once it requires a message "K0046", it will always use
>>>> ResourceBundle to go through the
>>>> org.apache.harmony.luni.util.ExternalMessages.properties file to search
>>> it.
>>>> I think such redundant and repeated I/O operations may degrade our
>>>> performance.
>>>> Why not use a hashtable to store all the external messages? It only
>>>> requires several I/O operations initially!
>>> --
>>> Best Regards
>>> Sean, Xiao Xia Qiu
>>> China Software Development Lab, IBM
>> Hi Jim,
> I think that you misunderstand.
> I don't mean to discard using ResourceBundle for localization.
> I just suggest that we should use ResourceBundle to load all the external
> properties and store them in a hashtable initially.
> Then you don't need to repeat calling ResourceBundle to scan property files
> any more, but turn to the hashtable. This may improve performance.
> Hi Sean and Regis,
> I think that external messages are not only designed for exceptions
> handling.
> Some may also use such a useful mechanism in their applications.
> Let's assume that one application execute on HARMONY.
> As a side effect, all jars on the bootpath will be loaded to search for the
> ResourceBundle class the first time an external message is required.
> Obviously, application have to wait utill ResourceBundle class is loaded
> and it successfully finds the required message, which takes seconds.
> Note that if we can initially load all of the external properties before
> the first application class is loaded.
> This can provide a faster startup time and quick responses when it requires
> any external messages.

Best Regards,
Jim, Jun Jie Yu

China Software Development Lab, IBM

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