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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general]Mika and Harmony
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:06:57 GMT

Chris Gray wrote:
> Hi Tim,
>> [...]  I think there is a role for Mika if we go down the road of
>> producing a reduced class library configuration out of Harmony, or one
>> more suitably targeted to limited memory environments.  I assume that a
>> combination of Mika + full Harmony class libraries is not going to be so
>> interesting.
> No, I don't think that Mika + full Harmony is particularly useful; however 
> people have been known to extend the Mika class libraries with packages taken 
> from Harmony, to support some library they want to use on the target.
>>> Mika is a BSD-licensed VM designed for the JavaME CDC space; the class
>>> libraries it uses are currently mostly its own but moving towards using
>>> Harmony. Currently that movement is somewhat glacial (we have to
>>> dumb-down Harmony to 1.4 compliance, which is boring work), but it will
>>> get a boost once we start work on supporting Java5 features.
>> Yep.  I can't imagine a great rush to backport the Harmony class
>> libraries to 1.4 syntax compliance, so I think it would be an important
>> goal to bring Mika up to 1.5 bytecode support.
> Well if anybody else does have the need to make 1.4 backports of Harmony 
> classes I would like to meet them ... In fact the Mika VM doesn't need such a 
> lot of work to support 1.5 bytecode, it's really just a matter of providing 
> access to signatures and annotations. (We already support ldc <class>.) Of 
> course to use these features we would need new class libraries, and that's 
> where Harmony comes in.
>>> What do people think - does Mika have a role to play in Harmony or should
>>> we just be "downstream" users of the Harmony classlibs?
>> I think it would work fine either way.  We can work closely within the
>> Apache project -- but if you are working fine as a downstream consumer
>> then the question to ask would be 'what would you expect to change by
>> coming into the fold?'
> If there are other people interested in creating smaller "profiles" from 
> Harmony then we could coƶperate on defining those profiles and making them 
> easy to build. We'd particularly like to define a profile which is to Java5  
> as CDC/FP is to 1.4, if you see what I mean. And we would be bringing a VM 
> which can run those classes on a lot of embedded platforms - ARM, MIPS, 
> PowerPC, maybe soon SH4 too.

Sounds good to me.  Let's see if anyone else is interested.

You spurred me into committing the patch I was sat on to reduce the
footprint of the NIO character converters, by making the native
implementations optional.  You can now delete the 1.5Mb hyniochar
library and we'll fall back to doing the conversions in Java code.

I'm sure there are more examples like this where we can have the best of
both worlds for 'big' server and 'small' embedded sets of libraries.


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