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From Chris Gray <chris.g...@kiffer.be>
Subject Re: [general] Reduced footprint class library
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2008 08:55:26 GMT
Hi Tim,

> > I can see this working in Mika, in fact I'm tempted to implement it
> > already. :-)
> How are you getting on -- did you try it?!  I'm cracking on with the
> 'non-dynamic' model of removing the optional data in NIO_CHAR.

No, I didn't have time yet, due to customer meetings etc.. However at one of 
those meetings we had a request to provide java.nio on Mika, so it's 
definitely time to look at the following:

> You can now go into the NIO_CHAR/make/excludesfile and specify
> converters to drop from the Harmony provider.  That allows you to ditch
> some esoteric charsets and save footprint, and in many cases the ICU
> provider has an equivalent anyway.

But isn't the ICU provider itself rather large?

The native charsets look a bit verbose, with their sparsely-populated arrays 
and "boilerplate" code repeated in different files. I think we might want to 
"tweak" this a bit ... for java.lang.Character we built some quite compact 
structures, for example re-using identical table rows (e.g. all 0x00). But we 
do this at build time based on the selected charsets, and it would be harder 
if charsets could be added dynamically (so say nothing of unloading them!). 
In fact it's pretty hard to be dynamic *and* compact *and* start up fast. :-(

I suppose the Sun-defined provider mechanism only works for 100%-Java 



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