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From Ian Rogers <rogers.em...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Announcing Jikes RVM 3.0 + Apache Harmony!
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2008 18:32:54 GMT
Aleksey Shipilev wrote:
> Thanks a lot, Ian!
> What a coincidence, I started building Jikes RVM three hours ago, when
> the latest version was 2.9.3 :) I had googled around and see "Apache
> Harmony classlib support" in JIRAs, but stuck with build system that
> can't understand what do I want from it.
> Time to get Jikes RVM 3.0! I would report back on my progress.
> A couple of starter questions though:
>  1. Can I point Jikes RVM build system the location of my own Harmony
> classlib trunk?

I'm afraid I haven't written the build to do this but it would be a 
great extension, please open JIRA issues. There may also be some issues 
as we use some CFLAGS when building Harmony.

>  2. (legal, more to Tim) Are CPL and APL compatible? Can I study
> CPL-licensed code and contribute back to Harmony DRLVM? Can I
> contribute APL-licensed code to JikesRVM?

I hope this is ok, but it's worth discussing this on our mailing lists 
too. Possibly Michael Hind knows.


> On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 7:20 PM, Ian Rogers <rogers.email@gmail.com> wrote:
>>  Announcing Jikes RVM 3.0 + Apache Harmony! We are pleased to announce the
>> release of Jikes RVM 3.0, an open-source meta-circular JVM written in Java.
>> A new feature of the release is initial support for Apache Harmony's class
>> library.
>> What is Jikes RVM? Jikes RVM is a research virtual machine capable of
>> running the latest Java programs. Writing a JVM in Java has many advantages
>> including access to libraries such as* java.util.concurrent*, the use of
>> IDEs like Eclipse and the use of annotations to extend the language and
>> virtual machine. Jikes RVM is now over 10 years old and has been used in
>> more than 190 refereed research papers.
>> Support for Apache Harmony Jikes RVM is built using Apache Ant, getting the
>> build to compile and use Apache Harmony's class library is as simple as
>> defining the *classlib.provider* property to be *Harmony*. For example, to
>> download and build Jikes RVM with Apache Harmony:
>>   1. download the Jikes RVM from
>>   http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=128805
>>   2. extract the files
>>   3. build Jikes RVM using Apache Ant and specifying what kind of Jikes RVM
>>   configuration you would like and what kind of host you have. The prototype
>>   configuration is recommended at the moment. To test the performance of the
>>   optimizing compiler use a production build but this may have problems - see
>>   features of the build below. To build on x86_64 linux, for example, run:
>>   *ant -Dconfig.name=prototype -Dhost.name=x86_64-linux
>>   -Dclasslib.provider=Harmony*
>>   4. following the build the executable will be placed in the
>> *dist*directory, for example the previous build will put the RVM in
>>   *dist/protoype_x86_64-linux*.
>> The build process will take Apache Harmony's class library from SVN, build
>> it and then build the Jikes RVM using it. Once built the Harmony libraries
>> won't be rebuilt and a typical prototype build will complete in under 2
>> minutes.
>> We need you help!
>> We hope you will try out Jikes RVM 3.0 with Apache Harmony. There are many
>> known and unknown problems and potential improvements, please help us to
>> find what these are, which of these are priorities and also please feel free
>> to send us your patches! The Jikes RVM is licensed under the CPL (the
>> predecessor of the EPL). Apache Harmony can also help us, for example, by
>> providing a separately packaged version of the class library so that we
>> don't need to take it from SVN.
>> The following URLs explain more:
>>   1. the Jikes RVM web site: http://jikesrvm.org/ (you can find in here how
>>   to develop Jikes RVM using IDEs like Eclipse)
>>   2. the Jikes RVM JIRA bug and feature tracking system:
>>   http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/RVM (a category of which is bugs and
>>   features relating to Apache Harmony class library support)
>>   <http://goog_1218120927426/>
>>  <http://goog_1218120927426/>Some features of the build The Jikes RVM
>> provides an optimizing compiler, an adaptive optimization system and
>> on-stack replacement. When being built on a bootstrap JVM it can use the
>> optimizing compiler, a feature of which is to follow references of final
>> fields. There is the possibility of confusion as the boot strap JVM's class
>> library and Apache Harmony's class library may not match, there are various
>> fixes to deal with this, but an alternative is to use the baseline compiler
>> (as in the prototype build).
>> The Jikes RVM version of the Harmony kernel classes are provided in the *
>> libraryInterface* directory. Code in this directory may be licensed under
>> different licenses than the CPL.
>> Jikes RVM comes with the MMTk garbage collectors and the VM magic classes
>> may already be familiar to Apache Harmony developers.
>> Testing your build The Jikes RVM performs Continuous Autonomous Testing, the
>> results of which are tracked here: http://jikesrvm.anu.edu.au/cattrack/
>> The scripts that test Jikes RVM are part of the distribution. For example,
>> to build and test Jikes RVM 3.0 with SPEC JVM 2008 run:
>> ant -f test.xml -Dconfig.name=prototype -Dhost.name=x86_64-linux
>> -Dclasslib.provider=Harmony -Dtest-run.name=SPECjvm2008
>> This will automatically download and install the benchmark in the Jikes RVM
>> distribution before building and testing Jikes RVM 3.0 with it.
>> Acknowledgments
>> In getting Jikes RVM and Apache Harmony working together we were lucky to
>> receive support and help from Tim Ellison and Mark Hindess.
>> Thanks Thank you for your interest in this milestone in Jikes RVM's
>> development and we look forward to your help in finding bugs and improving
>> Jikes RVM!

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