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From Oliver Deakin <oliver.dea...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [tools] Ok to commit HARMONY-5927?
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 14:58:54 GMT
Thanks Mark - I have applied the patch at repo revision r682413.


Mark Hindess wrote:
> In message <4896E237.7030806@googlemail.com>, Oliver Deakin writes:
>> Hi all,
>> Since we're in stability phase, I'm writing to request committer support 
>> for committing the patch supplied in HARMONY-5927. It is a patch for 
>> policytool - since this tool is incomplete, I do not think this patch 
>> will cause us any instability for our milestone build. I do not feel 
>> that this patch needs to be included in the milestone build - i.e. we 
>> can keep the milestone at r681495 unless other important patches are 
>> applied - as it is part of an incomplete tool. I do feel, however, that 
>> it would be useful for AndrĂ¡s' progress if we could apply this patch to 
>> the repository now.
>> Any committers support/object to this patch being applied?
> +1
> As you say, there is no need to include this in M7.  However, if we end
> up committing other changes for the M7 then there is no real harm in
> including this change.  So, I see no reason to hold it back.
> Regards,
>  Mark.

Oliver Deakin
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