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From Ian Leslie <ian.les...@lesliesoftware.com>
Subject Re: Question about distributing a smaller foot print of the JRE
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2008 01:15:48 GMT
I must have misinterpreted the Harmony web site; I thought that one 
of the goals was to allow this kind of ship only what you need.  When 
I read that it would be modular I took that to mean you could choose 
what to ship.  Sounds like it will require work on my part to accomplish.

Thanks for the info,


At 20:19 2008-08-25, Andrew Cornwall wrote:
>You'll run into a few interdependencies. A number of modules have API that
>requires Swing/AWT (such as beans - BeanInfo has a getIcon() method).
>Sometimes the core depends on things in other modules (String.split()) needs
>regex, and a number of modules like logging use split() - although you can
>recode them so they don't.) In general, it's a little effort to make things
>smaller, but definitely not impossible.
> > > have always wanted to ship
> > > something smaller than the ~60M foot print of the JRE.  Can I expect to
> > > accomplish that from the Harmony project?

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