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From "Sean Qiu" <sean.xx....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Enabling additional errors/warnings when developing Harmony code
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 01:36:48 GMT
Sure, it is helpful to find out some potential defects that we may overlook.

Do you mean to refine all exist code in our trunk?
Remove all these warnings should be a huge job...

If you mean we should open these checking from now on.
I totally agree, and i think most of us have already do this.

In fact, i am using a more powerful tool called Checkstyle[1] to do this.
Checkstyle provides many checks[2] that we can apply to our sourcecode.
I have customer it a bit to make it more suitable for our code.
I suggest everyone can try this. It may help you to avoid many minor mistakes.
And it also has an Eclipse plug-in[3] to facilitate matters.

1. http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/
2. http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/availablechecks.html
3. http://eclipse-cs.sourceforge.net/

2008/7/29 Andrew Cornwall <andrew.pack200@gmail.com>:
> I've been playing a little with enabling additional errors/warnings in
> Eclipse when developing Harmony code. By default, many of them are switched
> off. Switching them on and making the suggested changes would reduce class
> file size as well as improve code quality and, in some cases, performance.
> In particular, I turned on warnings (instead of "ignore") for:
>  Code style: Access to a non-accessible member of an enclosing type
>  Unnecesary code:
>    Local variable is never read
>    Unused private or local member
>    Redundant null check
>    Unnecessary else statement
>    Unnecessary declaration of thrown exceptions
>    Redundant super interface
> Has anyone thought of doing this before? (Am I stepping into a minefield of
> "we tried that and everyone hated it" by suggesting it?)
>    Andrew Jr.

Best Regards
Sean, Xiao Xia Qiu

China Software Development Lab, IBM

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