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From "Xiao-Feng Li" <xiaofeng...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Define needed indicate that gc_gen is built independently
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 00:58:28 GMT
On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 4:26 AM, Alexei Fedotov <alexei.fedotov@gmail.com> wrote:
> Senaka,
>  An open source is a place where you are free to do what do you want.
>  Let me just share my advise on being focused and don't let this advise
>  to ruin your fun.
>  At this point I would recommend you to use a control version system
>  instead of defines. In other words, rewrite or remove portions of
>  files freely and commit checkpoints where you are able to build the
>  whole code base into your local control version system. When you get
>  things working it would be easy to arrange all defines.
>  Imagine: you may spend a day putting defines to make a file compile,
>  and throw the whole file tomorrow since it will be rewritten for
>  Parrot compatibility.

Reasonable. It could be heavy-lifting at the beginning to consider too
much of VM-independent issues. On the other hand, it's interesting to
read the findings and discussions here about the issues. It enlightens
me to think more.

Btw, I don't want to discourage, but can be slow down the code hacking
a little bit. :-) At the moment, I think the most important is to
understand the overall interface and infrastructure differences
between Harmony and Parrot. To document them could be a better
starting point, and the doc would be a strong fact to help the project
be approved by Google...


>  Thanks.
>  On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 9:46 PM, Senaka Fernando <senakafdo@gmail.com> wrote:
>  > Hi all,
>  >
>  >  At present, the gc_gen is built as a part of the VM, but if we are to make
>  >  it possible for it to be built separately, a define is needed so that the
>  >  un-wanted stuff can be stripped off. How about GC_INDEPENDENT, as the name
>  >  of the define?
>  >
>  >  Regards,
>  >  Senaka
>  >
>  --
>  With best regards,
>  Alexei


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