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From "Aleksey Shipilev" <aleksey.shipi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][performance] @Inline and @NoBoundsCheck annotation support
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 08:16:51 GMT

>  > > I am not sure how much work it is to do, but I always wanted to have
>  > > ways to access annotations in JIT. There are multiple applications for
>  > > that always appearing here and there.
>  >
>  > In fact such mechanism is already there and is used for a long, e.g.
>  > look for Inliner::processInlinePragmas() in Jitrino.OPT. I thought
>  > you're aware of it...
Yep, actually I'm going to extend this existing functionality to
o.a.h.annotations.Inline pragma.

>  P.S.: probably @Inline should not guarantee inlining.
Yep, it should not. Actually we have to distinct two types of inline
pragmas: forced inline (that is used in vmmagics) and bonus inline (to
be used as doping for heuristics calculation).


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