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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Axis2 under Harmony
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 13:14:35 GMT
Davanum Srinivas wrote:
> Folks,
> FYI, I still have 3 tests to fix and clustering module to work. But rest 
> of the build is fine with Harmony. Many thanks
> to the Harmony team for quick turn arounds. Oh, maven2 builds/tests of 
> Axiom, Neethi, XmlSchema, Woden all work fine now
> as well.

Cool - and many thanks to you for your perseverance and clear bug reporting.

> Bugs against Harmony:

I rearranged your summary lines to group by status...

 > HARMONY-5783    Flaky behavior of getGenericParameterTypes
 > HARMONY-5745    Maven needs additional switch when we use Harmony

Unassigned, needs investigation

> HARMONY-5784    Bad error message when InetAddress.getByName is called
 > HARMONY-5779    [classlib][luni] java.io.FileNotFoundException Issue

Being actively worked by various people

 > HARMONY-5751    Ant's get task fails against https sites.

Hmm, this could be a bit more tricky since the problem is an 
SSLException for "Not trusted server certificate".  This requires a 
separate thread.

> HARMONY-5780    [drlvm][kernel] NPE in ParameterizedTypeImpl.equals
> HARMONY-5752    [drlvm][kernel] java.lang.reflect.GenericSignatureFormatError running
xjc tool
> HARMONY-5749    Time Zone round trip issues
 > HARMONY-5746    [drlvm][kernel] getDeclaredClasses returns nulls
 > HARMONY-5738    Implementation of ImageIO.getImageWritersByMIMEType
> HARMONY-5737    [classlib][luni]FileURLConnection.connect fails in presence of anchor's

Marked as Fixed now.

> HARMONY-5760    [ibmvme] NPE running XJC from Sun JAXB RI

IBM's problem

Thanks again,

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