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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [drlvm]Help understanding string literal creation
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 14:07:08 GMT
Megha Chauhan said the following on 10.04.2008 16:39:
> Hello everyone,
> Thanks a lot for the response. Now, since I have a very small change in the
> String class is it possible for me to just add that extra field in the
> init_fields method of vm_string.cpp and somehow recompile the DLL?
> Basically I am not sure what kind of setup I need to do this change?
> I am still not very clear as to what classes are involved in a String
> Literal creation.
> As far as I understand there are no Java methods involved. For example when
> we write something like :
> String str ="Test String" ;
> The VM automatically calls the native methods and instantiates a String
> object at compile time itself.
> The String.intern() method can be called on already existing String objects
> and not during string literal creation.

AFAIK when a string is created in Java no VM code is executed, all of 
the stuff is done in Java only. The vm_strings.cpp code is used for 
creating string objects from native code. If you grep for 
"string_create" you will see that it is used only in JNI and in VM 
initialization code.

The String.intern is also implemented in Java code since HARMONY-1016 
was integrated.

> Can someone point me to any documentation that tells about the sequence of
> methods that are called for a string literal creation?
> And what sort of setup would I need to make the changes to vm_strings.cpp
> class and recompile the DLL.

For recompiling the VM you need the standard setup for building DRLVM. 
See the URL that Aleksey Shipilev gave in his reply.


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