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From oberon <oberon...@gmail.com>
Subject Google Summer Of Code 2008, harmony-gc-1
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 22:36:31 GMT

  I have applied for Compressor Garbage Collector (harmony-gc-1). Well, I
have misunderstood what does abstract in google application means so I have
just copied the paper abstract. I have also promised to send you updates,
but I am sending those only now because of quite unpleasant incident in my
university :(.

  First of all I will say that in previous semester I have had a course
about architecture of a PC. Well, I do not know how to translate it more
accurately, but it is about low level programming. Particularly we have
studied CPU interrupts, basic graphics system, architecture of file systems,
FPU, and other. Well, this was quite old-school course since we have not
studied anything advanced. For example we studied only CGA/EGA/VGA, FAT16
file system only (only partially FAT32, and absolutely no NTFS, ext2/3, or
anything more modern) and things like that. As my course work I had written
small DOS game which caught 9th interrupt to handle user input. To get high
credit for the course we have had to present report on some topic that
relate to the course but was not covered in it. I have picked a topic about
.NET garbage collections. I've googled a bit, found few articles on that and
made a report :). Well, this was my first acquaintance with internal
structure with garbage collectors. Very recently I have found this project
and have written short application for it. I am very excited that I have
found opportunity to write real-world garbage collector that could be
useful, and I really hope that you will rank me high enough to get this

  My plans are quite simple. First of all I will write very basic test
environment where all virtual memory services will be mocked-up. This will
include some visualization program so that I could ensure that I have
understood algo correctly and see how algorithm actually works. Secondly I
would study Harmony itself a bit more deeply. The interesting part of work
is about correctly using virtual memory mappings, traps and protections.
There is a reference to an article about virtual memory primitives for user
programs, which I will read. In parallel I will study how GC are currently
implemented in Harmony. I am not very sure if you expect me to short-tell
algorithm to check if I have understood it appropriately. Please say if so,
I will do my best. If you need other details clarified I will gladly present
them here.

  As for milestones. I have spoken with our head of department and he said
that it is possible to use this work as course work. So if you will accept
me I will start really soon, since it has to be presented in mid-summer
(1st-16th of July). I will have few ACM competitions which would require my
attendance, but I believe I will be able to work on this project 10-20 hours
a week; sometimes more, sometimes less. I can also send you weekly progress
report on my work.

Best regards,
Yuriy Znovyak mailto:oberon.ua@gmail.com

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