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From "Alexei Zakharov" <alexei.zakha...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: federated build, classlib build - what am I doing wrong
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 09:26:31 GMT
> How are other people doing class library development
>  and continuous rebuilds?

Normally I do something like the following.

STEP0: open three different consoles.

console1> cd <top level trunk>
console2> cd <top level trunk>/working_classlib
console3> cd <top level trunk>/working_vm

console2> <do everything you need in classlib, build classlib>
console3> ant -Dhy.cfg=debug -Ddeploy.canonical.flag=true  # this
normally takes less than 1 minute since VM sources weren't updated
console1> ant assemble-artifacts # normally takes several seconds

After step 4 you'll have newly built JDK in <top level trunk>/target/hdk/jdk .
You may also replace step 3 with some custom-made script that manually
copies updated stuff from working_classlib/deploy/jdk/jre to
target/hdk/jdk/jre . If you are going to update something in jdktools
you may also need to open fourth console in working_jdktools and
rebuild it after each update (STEP3.5)


2008/4/26 Nathan Beyer <ndbeyer@apache.org>:
> I've started a fresh workspace on an Ubuntu box and here's what I'm doing.
>  * check out top-level trunk
>  * ant populate-source
>  * ant -Dhy.cfg=debug build
>  * rm -rf working_classlib/deploy/*
>  * cp -r targert/hdk/* working_classlib/deploy/*
>  * cd working_classlib
>  * deploy/jdk/jre/bin/java -version
>     Prints version information - works just fine
>  * ant test
>     class library tests run as expected
>  * do some class library hacking
>  * ant build
>  * deploy/jdk/jre/bin/java -version
>     does nothing, just waits, no output
>  Shouldn't this work? How are other people doing class library development
>  and continuous rebuilds? I get the same results on Windows.
>  -Nathan

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