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From "Alexei Fedotov" <alexei.fedo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: I'm Broken ;(
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 13:46:44 GMT
You are welcome to return when you get some rest. I believe anyone can
learn how to build a Harmony provided he has enough time and passion.
Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.

All, do we want to switch to something newer? MSVC 2005? Or MSVC 2008?
Or Cygwin's gcc?
J9 funs, may J9 dependency from a specific runtime prove an issue?
Stepan, Alexey, CC owners, I'm asking you because enabling efforts
look lighter for me compared to BTI transition.


On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 3:39 PM, Johnny Kewl <john@kewlstuff.co.za> wrote:
> You know when I first looked at this I said lets do JRELite, which I see as the future
of Java, and
>  to do this, I'm going to take Harmony and "break it into little pieces"... ha ha
>  Well I stand before you humbled and broken, Harmony broke me into little pieces, bashed
my head against the wall and then drowned me ;)
>  I think it threw a few kicks in as well ;)
>  Its a humungous ambitious beyond belief undertaking and even though I've done plenty
of C in my time,
>  cross platform coding is something else.
>  Have always used an IDE, and thats my problem, I just dont know where to start when
faced with build
>  errors... I just cant cant get it to compile on XP even now using VS 6
>  Its trying but when something like this happens...
>      [exec] E:\Harmony\working_classlib\deploy\include\hythread.h(137) : error C
>  2146: syntax error : missing ')' before identifier 'millis'
>  in this code
>     hythread_sleep_interruptable PROTOTYPE ((I_64 millis, IDATA nanos));
>  I know its not a real syntax error and that I_64 is probably not defined... then I follow
the code back and it just becomes
>  a whole bunch of cross platform defines... and then I wonder where on earth the ant
script defines that.
>  I tried all sorts of things and... even from VS 2005 and there for some reason its trying
to compile the
>  linux folders and not the win32... and I think where on earth do you tell the ant script
to change that.
>  Or is it hiding in a mak file... I now officially give up.
>  How on earth does one go about bringing code back from ant driven.... to IDE driven...
that beats me.
>  All these dependencies... for me impossible.
>  So I leave you gurus to do your thing... I can see you damn good, and that you are working
>  damn hard, but the size of this project and my skill levels lacking the ability to even
get it to a dev environment means
>  .... Harmony has kicked my butt ;)
>  We going try kludge JRELite from J2SE... but that really means internal company use
only... its a fun thing.
>  Just before I go, I want to show you something and why I believe JRELite is the future...
>  This technology is something your truely invented because we dont like EJB, now if you
can just forget about that... we get flamed regularly
>  ... the surprising thing that fell out of this was the delivery times of applications.
>  With this technology applications all live on a central server, so there is no application
installed in the company, they are delivered.
>  And also do not get confused here... delivering application and delivering the API as
suggested in JRELIte is NOT the same thing.
>  BUT... it is using a similar principle, ie it does not install the JARs, it just sucks
down what the application needs.
>  Now if you degrade yourselves ;) and set this up on a MS system.... watch how fast the
applications are delivered.
>  In most cases, on a LAN... in under a second.... so you see, I wasnt totally open...
I know JRELite will work.
>  Its (if you can just forget about the competition with EJB)... a good way for you to
see how your JreLite would work, when you deliver API... http://coolharbor.100free.com/index.htm
>  Best of luck to you.

With best regards,

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