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From "Sean Qiu" <sean.xx....@gmail.com>
Subject [jdktools][build] Which is more recommendable build approach for jdwp?
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 09:08:01 GMT
I have found that we have two approaches to build jdwp.

1. Through federated build, this will call the make to build jdwp modules.
 a) cd <jdktools>
 b) ant fetch-depends
 c) ant

2. Through jpda module's make directory , this approach will call cc
directly to build jdwp module.
  a) cd <jdktools>\modules\jpda\make
  b) ant build.jdwp.agent
      ant build.jdwp.transport

The first approach works fine, but it seems it does not supply any
test target.(Am i missing something?)

The second approach seems a little outdated,  since the directory
structure is different from current status and it demands some
modifications to work. It contains a target to run the junit test.

I guess the second is the original script before jdktools are included
in federated build. So we should just using the first one?

Best Regards

Sean, Xiao Xia Qiu
China Software Development Lab, IBM

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