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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Moving to a newer Yoko?
Date Sat, 29 Mar 2008 20:54:32 GMT
Vasily Zakharov wrote:
>>> The question is, which Yoko release should we move to?
>> Maybe ping the Geronimo list (the new home of Yoko) to figure out
>> what they have got now if you can't tell from the downloads.
> We could take the Yoko version used in the latest Geronimo release, do
> you mean that?

No, I actually meant that when Yoko moved under the Geronimo project we 
explicitly asked that they make separate downloads available for us to 
pick up and use in Harmony.  Hopefully that happened (but I don't see it 
after a brief wander around their project website).

So ping the dev list to see where we can get the latest Yoko downloads.


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