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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [general][build][WXP] updated msvc_2003 solution
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 15:56:23 GMT
Francis ANDRE said the following on 28.03.2008 18:45:
> Hi Harmonists
> I have updated the msvc_2003 project with the new organization of the 
> working_vm
> directories.
> The changes have been extracted from a log running ant -d rebuild, and 
> both the
> release and debug configurations are compiling, linking and copying to the
> jre/bin/default directory.
> As you can view in the svn diff pathc.txt, there is a new 'ch' project 
> and a new 'port' project while the port_encoder has been renamed to 
> encoder to reflect the source organization. This results in 3 new 
> directories 'ch', 'encoder' and 'port' and one removed 'port_encoder' 
> under msvc_2003.

Thank you for the work you have done! This update was long needed after 
the restructure of VM sources in which we've moved a lot of platform 
dependent code to separate components.

> I would like to put this in the svn repository replacing the
> current one which is out of date. How could I proceed without a write 
> access to the svn repository??

Create a new bug JIRA for Harmony project and attach the patch to it 
granting there a permission to use by ASF. One of Harmony committers 
would then check the patch and commit it into svn source tree.

> Also, IMO, it would be an added value for the msvc environment to use the
> a tool from workspacewhiz at: 
> http://www.workspacewhiz.com/SolutionBuildEnvironmentReadme.html
> This tool allows a separate definition of global variable and path (like 
> global DEFINES) for a specific solution and would help in making the sln 
> and vcproj files more independent from the organization of the source 
> directories.

The problem with MSVC solutions is that they don't work out of the box 
for VM. There are several reasons, one of them is that ant build creates 
APR and LOG4CXX binaries from sources. MSVC solution doesn't include 
them. Possibly if we get rid of APR and LOG4CXX one day, we'll be able 
to create a fully functional solution for VM.


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