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From Francis ANDRE <francis.an...@easynet.fr>
Subject [general][build WXP]: getMaximumCommandLength() seems not fixed in cpptasks version 1.0b4
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 16:37:14 GMT
Hi Harmony Team,

 From the WiKi, one said about the error: "Command line is over maximum length 
without specifying source file" and gave the following fix:

getMaximumCommandLength() { return 65535;}
The issue was fixed in cpptasks version 1.0b4.

but in cpptasks version 1.0b4/DevStudioCCompiler.java, the 
getMaximumCommandLength() returns 32767!!



PS: source of DevStudioCCompiler in cpptasks version 1.0b4

public final class DevStudioCCompiler extends DevStudioCompatibleCCompiler {
     private static final DevStudioCCompiler instance = new DevStudioCCompiler(
             "cl", false, null);
     public static DevStudioCCompiler getInstance() {
         return instance;
     private DevStudioCCompiler(String command, boolean newEnvironment,
             Environment env) {
         super(command, "/bogus", newEnvironment, env);
     public Processor changeEnvironment(boolean newEnvironment, Environment env) {
         if (newEnvironment || env != null) {
             return new DevStudioCCompiler(getCommand(), newEnvironment, env);
         return this;
     public Linker getLinker(LinkType type) {
         return DevStudioLinker.getInstance().getLinker(type);
     public int getMaximumCommandLength() {
         return 32767;

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