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From "Tony Wu" <wuyue...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Portlib]Moving Portlib to the top-level of Harmony? (was: [General]Should we make portlib a separate component)
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 10:28:43 GMT
On 3/3/08, Jimmy,Jing Lv <firepure@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
>     As discussed in the other thread, we will use portlib for java6
> JDWP (maybe also java5 if it works fine on java6?) However, portlib is
> now in classlib folder, which will cause some problems on build.
>     I have noticed that there's a thread discussing the portlib
> refactor (was: [General]Should we make portlib a separate component?),
> which fits JDWP requirement (Thanks Mark!).
>     As discussed, the main problem is the build structure, we need to
> find a way to build both classlib and JDWP (and maybe something else)
> when it is moved to top-level. As we know, module Concurrent is a
> external dependant in classlib (set svn externals attribute), maybe we
> shall also learn from this. Portlib can be set as a external dependant
> of both classlib and JDWP which can smooth the refactor.
>     As a result, the steps may come as the following:
> 1. make porblib a separate component and move to top-level of Harmony project
> 2. make portlib as a external dependant module of classlib, which
> allow classlib to make nearly the same as before.
> 3. if any other component, like JDWP, or VM, requires the porblib to
> build, it can also link the external dependant to portlib.
>     However, this approach may build and create several hyport.dll/so
> in vm, classlib and jdktools folders, we may find another way to
> combine them into one. However, it does not require huge refactor on
> makefiles in classlib.

We have to keep copies of portlib for them otherwise people can not
build classlib/vm/jdwp separately. I suggest to modify the script of
the federal build to get only one copy of library in the distributed
SDK when we have several copies.

>     Any comments/suggestions? Thanks a lot.
> --
> Best Regards!
> Jimmy, Jing Lv
> China Software Development Lab, IBM

Tony Wu
China Software Development Lab, IBM

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