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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: I'm Broken ;(
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 14:57:31 GMT

On 6 March 2008 at 14:39, "Johnny Kewl" <john@kewlstuff.co.za> wrote:
> You know when I first looked at this I said lets do JRELite, which I
> see as the future of Java, and to do this, I'm going to take Harmony
> and "break it into little pieces"... ha ha
> Well I stand before you humbled and broken, Harmony broke me into
> little pieces, bashed my head against the wall and then drowned me ;)
> I think it threw a few kicks in as well ;)
> Its a humungous ambitious beyond belief undertaking and even though
> I've done plenty of C in my time, cross platform coding is something
> else.

[Snipped sad tale that reminds me why my "IDE" is primarily a unix
command line with emacs, vi, gdb, perl, valgrind, etc.]

> So I leave you gurus to do your thing... I can see you damn good, and
> that you are working damn hard, but the size of this project and my
> skill levels lacking the ability to even get it to a dev environment
> means .... Harmony has kicked my butt ;)

In addition to any lasting impression Harmony may have left on you as
a result of the kicking, I'd like to point out that your contributions
here have had some very constructive ramifications on Harmony.  For
example, the issue in the recently raised HARMONY-5556 had been at the
back of my mind for a while but now it is out there and undoubtedly it
will be addressed.

So I'm sorry to read that you are leaving us.

> We going try kludge JRELite from J2SE... but that really means
> internal company use only... its a fun thing.

Oh no.  Why?  Could you not still use Harmony/DRLVM?

Not sure what "kludge" you had in mind but even if the kludge is
specific to an application - perhaps some of the mechanisms to determine
what is required and what can be left out are still generic?

For instance, to over-simplify things completely, say you ran your
application using -verbose:class and processed the logs to produce a
list of used classes.  You then took the list of classes and processed
the harmony jre to produce a version with only the used classes.

At least the tools to implement both of the instances of the word
"processed" in the above paragraph are actually fairly generic and could
be "open".

Of course the analysis in more typical case would undoubtedly need to do
more - static analysis to look for uses of reflection to load classes
but the result would still be a list of classes.

[Snip happy tale of http://coolharbor.100free.com/ ]

> Best of luck to you.

And to you.


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