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From Egor Pasko <egor.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: JRE Lite
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 12:30:56 GMT
On the 0x3FD day of Apache Harmony Johnny Kewl wrote:
> >> A JRE is already selecting what an application needs to run, and does
> >> it a lot better than a human.
> >
> > This is arguable. Why then Linux packages are not downloade
> > automatically when you issue unexisting commands on your Linux box?
> >
> > Maybe because packages sometimes need to be configured before you run
> > something on top of them.
> >
> > Another point, humans are very intelligent to control things that
> > humans want. For example, I _want_ to know what is installed on my
> > system. And many people are like me))
> >
> > Another use-case, you might want to duplicate a set of packages from
> > box A to box B. You just want to damn install the packabes and not
> > make Java damn slow on the first run on box B. Applications should be
> > packages too, aligned with philosophy of JPackage project.
> >
> > This is really interesting. Because it allows to make
> > _custom_distributions_ on top of Java and extend them on as-needed
> > basis.
> I see where you coming from, yes the user would now have a choice, if
> they a microsoft user... ha ha, they will click
> on it and it starts... they dont understand why, but it just starts
> and works. They dont even have to know what Java is.
> Then because JRELite (a paradox) would now also have thousands of
> tools on a server, yes there could be a
> debian type apt-get package that lets an expert choose and precofigure
> all their tools, thus allowing off server
> installation as well. JRELite would make java feel a lot like a linux
> dist in some ways.

OK, my suggestion is just to add more agility to your project:
implement the debian way as the simpler and more developer-oriented
approach (keeping alternatives in mind, of course:)

> ... but if the user is a moron... it just works anyway ;)

do not say it like that about our lovely users! More politely: "a
mouse-oriented user" :)

Egor Pasko

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