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From Egor Pasko <egor.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Architecture Questions - Moving to JreLite
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 13:08:32 GMT
On the 0x3FD day of Apache Harmony Pavel Pervov wrote:
> Johnny,
> see inline.
> On 3/4/08, Johnny Kewl <john@kewlstuff.co.za> wrote:
> > ICU?
> > (Unicode... its too big to be good)
> Which ICU? ICU4J is class library implementation of locales. ICU4JNI
> is used by DRLVM for verifying java identifiers.
> > Its almost perfect, the only area that naturally needs work is that the VM
> > does not distinguish between a user using the program and a programmer
> > that wants extra functionality... So Debuggers profiling tooling has to be
> > made all optional and dynamic links
> Its possible, but VM has lots of hooks inside of it related to JVMTI,
> and JVMTI itself is not blazingly fast. Separating into dynamic
> linkage won't make things faster.
> > Two JIT compilers ... beautiful, the OPT compiler must be optional or late
> > loading, its perfect, if they can be separated?
> In short - no. In more details, JET and OPT has lots of common
> functionality and separating them whould mean bigger code size.

by lots you mean not very lots, right? :)

the simple (and possibly incorect) solution might be to package two
libraries based on jitrino/src subdirectories:

1. jet+shared+main (jet.{so,dll})
2. the rest (opt.{so,dll})

now opt depends on jet, yey (not ery good for systems, where we do not
support jet, but those systems are packaged differently anyway)

looks like rather easy and with no big increase in code size..

> > Where are fonts actually used, not directly in the VM I hope, ie its AWT and
> > Swing classes, that *once loaded use them*, is that right?
> > Something like classloader loads up a Swing class, it draws, this is a
> > method call outside VM logic and links straight out to a system dll?
> > Where is the native side of AWT and SWING living... in harmonyvm.dll?
> harmonyvm.dll is the virtual machine itself. Harmony is pretty modular
> and does not mix dependencies (well, does not mix lots of dependencies
> ;)).
> > Thanks... Harmony is great...
> This is unquestionable. ;)
> Pavel.

Egor Pasko

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