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From Egor Pasko <egor.pa...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Architecture Questions - Moving to JreLite
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 13:19:37 GMT
On the 0x3FD day of Apache Harmony Johnny Kewl wrote:
> Newbie... please be gentle ;)
> In relation to the *VM* how are these used and are they used at all,
> if so why.
> (Probably introspection)
> ICU?
> (Unicode... its too big to be good)
> (please no)
> (please no)
> Yoko
> (Corba... I hope not)
> Its almost perfect, the only area that naturally needs work is that
> the VM does not distinguish between a user using the program and a
> programmer
> that wants extra functionality... So Debuggers profiling tooling has
> to be made all optional and dynamic links
> Two JIT compilers ... beautiful, the OPT compiler must be optional or
> late loading, its perfect, if they can be separated?

BTW, OPT is reasonable when a single loop in your program appears. So,
basically, one would want to download OPT right on the first

currently both compilers take 2 MB in a stripped library, this is
mainly OPT.

For a mouse-oriented user there is a big question, when s/he wants
OPT, but for apt-like pachage management this question is simple and
does not require a major VM redesign.

> Where are fonts actually used, not directly in the VM I hope, ie its
> AWT and Swing classes, that *once loaded use them*, is that right?
> Something like classloader loads up a Swing class, it draws, this is a
> method call outside VM logic and links straight out to a system dll?
> Where is the native side of AWT and SWING living... in harmonyvm.dll?
> Thanks... Harmony is great...

Egor Pasko

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