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From "Johnny Kewl" <j...@kewlstuff.co.za>
Subject Visualizing JreLite
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 03:14:14 GMT

This is how I see it happening... I always talk from the point of view of Windows users...
they must be able to use it.


There is a small bootstrap program it is called JRELite... its a native app probaby 80k

When this is installed on a system it does a file association with "JreLite"


To use this system a user will reaname their execuatable jar from MyApp.jar

The above is all a user needs to know about and its how a user see's it.


A programmer put their JreLite application on a web page, or emails it to a freind or its
on a flash stick...
... anything

The user clicks on it...
The system effectively runs JRELite MyApp.JreLite


The bootstrap see's there is no Java on tha machine... it gets the JVMLite Engine...
Approx 3 meg HIT... 


The Bootstrap place JVMLite in its special folder location...
Start... JVMLite -jar MyApp.JreLite


The application starts and it needs a swing... the JVM's resolver can determine this...
It loads it.

So the thing to really understand is that the application starts almost immediately but its
loading from the remote server, AS THE USER IS USING IT.... 

It feels like Java started in 20 seconds and remember this is only the first (one time hit)...
After that programs start "instantly"

Also think about this.... if a user never goes to a part of the application that is not used...
that never has to be loaded.

Bottom Line
If we can strip the JRE down to somewhere around 3 megs.... make the classes and fonts late
binding... and put them on a deliver server.
JRELite exists...

The JVMLite work... is mainly in bridging the resolver with the ability to pull the require
component down from the server.
Where ever that font engine is hiding... it too has to bridged with the ability to pull a
font down.

The rest of the work... is in making the downloads fine grained... you let the JVM pull the
classes it needs... NOT the whole Jar.
So those Jars live on the server as a file structure... 

If the font needed is Gothic A, and that needs a Unicode DLL.... ONLY that moves over the

Yes... oh boy... they all packed into humongeuos file now.... that has to be fine grained
on the server.

This works so well... you going to be shocked at how efficient Java becomes ;)

Harmony is not far from this already.... the packaging just has to change.

For now... just that needs to be done... complex optimizations can come later.

... I think ;)

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