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From "Johnny Kewl" <j...@kewlstuff.co.za>
Subject Re: I'm Broken ;(
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2008 17:34:33 GMT

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From: "Johnny Kewl" <john@kewlstuff.co.za>

You know when I first looked at this I said lets do JRELite, which I see as 
the future of Java, and
to do this, I'm going to take Harmony and "break it into little pieces"... 
ha ha

Well I stand before you humbled and broken, Harmony broke me into little 
pieces, bashed my head against the wall and then drowned me ;)
I think it threw a few kicks in as well ;)


I was actually unsubscribed, someone sent me a mail, and said, hey they 
talking to you... ha ha
Just wanted to say, saw the replies... nice people here ;)
... and no one to blame, we only have a small IT section, even if we did get 
it compiled, then what, would have to fork off anyway ;)
All that is showing in my frustration... the idea is too big for us.

We going to go for J2SE simply because as a "full" free standing JRE, if 
there was such a thing, it has (currently) a better fine grained score.
That will change radically if you go the JRELite route.
It means we can get it going for biz use, because LANS can take a big hit, 
it will never come close to a well thought out JreLite. It means, in our 
technology that we can expand the API centrally as well, but
there will still be a very big initial hit... so thats what we up to, 
getting our problem solved with the resources we have.

To my mind, this project has a high barrier to entry, and it understandable, 
you guys work on it for five years and as it gets there, its kidnapped.
Open Source really is a strange creature... as a JRE I think Harmony will 
always have a biz problem, a strategic problem.

JreLite however, is different... there it can be as open, you 'want' it to 
be kidnapped.... its a different biz model.
Stick your most creative Techno-Biz artists on it... and you'll see, the 
idea just gets bigger and bigger, a sign of a good plan in the making.
For instance, a lot of coders are completely frustrated with the barriers to 
cell phones... and the industry keeps saying Moires law
on cell doesnt apply... that I dont believe, I think cell phone technology 
is already capable of running JRE, and that the barriers are artificial
business barriers.  When JreLite comes along with its 3 meg footprint, and 
it only grows the engine as much as the application requires, and the
same applicaiton can run on your desktop, or cell... someone is going to 
break the current biz model ;)
I think we will always have small single purpose devices, a tiny cell with 
an address book, but there is already a huge market
for a talking PC in your pocket... and imagine, an engine that only grows to 
the size of the application needed.
It means the programmer naturally controls that through the application 
design... if he keeps it simple, the cell doesnt say, no more memory.
... and its easy to design "universal" applications...
The cell SDK will change.... if a programmer makes a small application that 
fits into the top left corner of their screen, done!
It will make cell technology migrate to the desktop and laptop... gps, 
mapping.... and its the "same" ;)

Its the birth of a new way of doing things... and it goes beyond a battle 
for the JRE, I have a sneaky feeling that you'll find there is now
enough space for everyone... and that when you have it all "imagined", 
you'll see the battle is being fought for different reasons.
... dont get too far away from the Sun model, because first you have to 
become powerful, then you will become one, and
every Javanian will emit a huge sigh of relief ;)

If Apache makes a JreLite project, we're there, thats for sure.... the whole 
planet will be there ;)
Fun stuff....

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