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From "Johnny Kewl" <j...@kewlstuff.co.za>
Subject Re: Architecture Questions - Moving to JreLite
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 01:50:53 GMT

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From: "Xiao-Feng Li" <xiaofeng.li@gmail.com>
To: <dev@harmony.apache.org>
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 3:36 PM
Subject: Re: Architecture Questions - Moving to JreLite

> On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 5:56 PM, Johnny Kewl <john@kewlstuff.co.za> wrote:
>> Newbie... please be gentle ;)
>>  In relation to the *VM* how are these used and are they used at all, if 
>> so
>>  why.
>>  BCEL?
>>  (Probably introspection)
>>  ICU?
>>  (Unicode... its too big to be good)
>>  (please no)
>>  (please no)
>>  Yoko
>>  (Corba... I hope not)
>>  Its almost perfect, the only area that naturally needs work is that the 
>> VM
>>  does not distinguish between a user using the program and a programmer
>>  that wants extra functionality... So Debuggers profiling tooling has to 
>> be
>>  made all optional and dynamic links
>>  Two JIT compilers ... beautiful, the OPT compiler must be optional or 
>> late
>>  loading, its perfect, if they can be separated?
> Well, I would suggest to approach the interesting JreLite project in
> two almost independent phases. One is to deal with the non-VM stuff,
> the other is to deal with the VM itself. The second phase might be
> more challenging, but not really urgent, in my opinion.
> Btw, Johnny, have you any expectation on the size of JreLite? 10MB? 1MB?

Yes this is the million dollar question....
I think an initial HIT of 3 megs is MAX... thats what I want to try get it 
That must be possible, because as I see the technology, it will be more 
efficient than Java Embedded, and that comes in at 5meg..
I think even smaller is possible, but if JavaLite only makes an initial HIT 
of 3 megs.... Java is as free as a bird.
Applications will be starting from email and the browser...
Remember that the user does not install JreLite... they install a 80k boot 
strap program called JRELite... so no pain.
The bootstrap JRELite is the initial loaded and platform detector... so what 
it feels like to the user, is that the "first" app they run
is configuring the system.... the typical "Microsfot is now configuring your 
system" message... then the app starts, its not finished downloading
but its running.... my guess, first time run on ADSL... 15 seconds before 
the user see's it start....

A  3 meg hit I think is a worst case... but even at that.... java has jumped 
out of it cage ;)

> Thanks,
> xiaofeng
>>  Where are fonts actually used, not directly in the VM I hope, ie its AWT 
>> and
>>  Swing classes, that *once loaded use them*, is that right?
>>  Something like classloader loads up a Swing class, it draws, this is a
>>  method call outside VM logic and links straight out to a system dll?
>>  Where is the native side of AWT and SWING living... in harmonyvm.dll?
>>  Thanks... Harmony is great...
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> http://xiao-feng.blogspot.com

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