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From "Aleksey Shipilev" <aleksey.shipi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [performance] quick sort is 4x slower on Harmony
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 16:10:49 GMT
Hi, guys!

I see no point in measuring computational performance for one
iteration - there a compilation stage that contributes significantly
at first stages, at least on Harmony. I've modified the test by
wrapping main() body in cycle (basically, what Egor did), and then
measured its performance.

So, on Linux/RHEL4/ia32 at 16-way Tulsa 3.2 Ghz / 16 Gb DDR:

=== /localdisk/jdk1.6.0_02/bin/java -client GenericQuicksort ===
iteration 0: elapsed: 4798ms
iteration 1: elapsed: 4780ms
iteration 2: elapsed: 4749ms
iteration 3: elapsed: 4860ms
iteration 4: elapsed: 4862ms

=== /localdisk/jdk1.6.0_02/bin/java -server GenericQuicksort ===
iteration 0: elapsed: 4903ms
iteration 1: elapsed: 4830ms
iteration 2: elapsed: 5161ms
iteration 3: elapsed: 5122ms
iteration 4: elapsed: 5128ms

=== /nfs/pb/home/ashipile/jre-r610377-work/bin/java -Xem:client
GenericQuicksort ===
iteration 0: elapsed: 47270ms
iteration 1: elapsed: 29312ms
iteration 2: elapsed: 29324ms
iteration 3: elapsed: 29278ms
iteration 4: elapsed: 29401ms

=== /nfs/pb/home/ashipile/jre-r610377-work/bin/java -Xem:server
GenericQuicksort ===
iteration 0: elapsed: 184097ms
iteration 1: elapsed: 5684ms
iteration 2: elapsed: 5664ms
iteration 3: elapsed: 5661ms
iteration 4: elapsed: 5680ms

So, if we will compare hot recompiled code only (that's the case of
latest iterations), we have Harmony only 1.1x slower.

That's an interesting thing - first iteration takes 37x more time than
RI, and -Xverbose:em shows that recompilation stops after 3 seconds,
so there are optimized code exists, but it isn't working. That's
probably because qsort() is not enterable, so JIT can't replace the
code for it.There should on-stack replacement come, as Egor mentioned.
But if I try to make re-enterable:

   private static void qsort(QuickSortable sortable, LinkedList<Range> stack) {
       while (!stack.isEmpty()) {
		qsortImpl(sortable, stack);

   private static void qsortImpl(QuickSortable sortable,
LinkedList<Range> stack) {

...still, I have the same problem, but I my thoughts qsortImpl should
not suffer from absence of on-stack replacement. I have disabled
inline to make sure it is not inlined.

I will follow up with updates later.

ESSD, Intel.

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