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From Gregory Shimansky <gshiman...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [doc] new header dependency in awt on Linux - x11proto-xext-dev
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 17:11:42 GMT
Nadya Morozova said the following on 31.01.2008 19:42:
> !ALERT! Help needed!
> I got the latest version of the site, all looks nice with the new encoding.
> However, if I edit any Russian page and build, Anakia tampers with all
> Russian files and the encoding somehow changes (offset of certain symbols).
> I use Windows, VS 2005 as editor, and it recognizes the encoding, so it's
> not the problem with the editor. the file velocity.properties is up to date
> and specifies UTF-8 as output and input encoding. On my system, only 2
> letters in Cyrillic are not converted properly ("я" "с") in both cases.
> Can anybody reproduce this strange thing? Any Anakia gurus to help me out?

It was me who switched the site to Unicode and on Linux I had no such 
problems. Now that I tried to process XML documents on Windows I get 
some similar problems with Cyrillic letter 'И', it is replaced with D0 
3F UTF-8 sequence instead of correct D0 98. I tried setting 
file.encoding property to UTF-8 (as it is set for me on Linux by 
default) but it didn't help.

A funny thing is that when I set JAVA_HOME to point to Harmony, I get 
correct output, although Anakia indeed processes all of the Cyrillic 
pages, the result has no difference with the currently stored in svn.


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