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From Oliver Deakin <oliver.dea...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [doc] improving porting matrix for Hamony
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 14:24:16 GMT
Nadya Morozova wrote:
> Hi all,
> iIve been getting requests to make information on supported/tested platforms
> for Harmony code more prominent. AFAI understand, our major statement on
> what platforms we work on is the Porting Matrix on the project's roadmap
> page (somewhere nearer the end, scroll down hard) [1].
> Do you think we could make this information more visible? 

Yes - to me the roadmap page doesn't seem the right place to have our 
current platform status. We should probably have some porting TODOs 
listed there, but I don't think this is the appropriate place for the 
current status to be displayed.

> Creating and
> maintaining a separate page with porting info could be helpful. 

Agreed. It would allow those currently working on new platform ports to 
also give some account of their status and any extra build instructions 
if they wished - although a Wiki page may be more useful for this so it 
can be easily updated. I don't have a strong opinion on how this is done.

> It'd also
> simplify translation of this info into other languages (i ran into the
> necessity to link to porting matrix from starting pages on Russian). Yet
> another step forward would be to relate the static info on supported
> platforms with our testing infra.
> Please express your opinion on whether this should be done. I'd be happy to
> update the site as needed.

If it's possible to make that table more readable, that would probably 
be a good thing too - I don't know if it's just my eyes, but I find it 
hard to see exactly which + and ? belongs to which box! Perhaps a simple 
color coding of each box would be easier to read than a "+" or "?" 

Thanks for volunteering to make this update!

> [1] http://harmony.apache.org/roadmap.html#Porting Matrix

Oliver Deakin
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