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From "Jin Mingjian" <jin....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [drlvm][general] Multi-tasking VM?
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2007 02:31:37 GMT
> To create an OS in Java was proved possible without MVM (such as
> JavaOS or JNode). So far there is no evidence showing MVM is the
> nature choice. Singularity has some study showing software isolation
> might be desirable, but the real benefits are yet to be demonstrated.
> Isolation is light-weighted only when you only run applications in
> pure Java. In my prototyping with MVM, the big issue lies in native
> code support. How would you deal with native code elegantly without
> process?

First, JNode have introduce the "isolate" at least from v0.24. To
correct my words strictly, It is the nature choice for
resource-managed system(so, not pure java, dotnet or other is still
ok.) Of course, we can live without MVM idea. But we can live more
easily with it in such system.

You are right about dealing with the native code. Native codes is hard
to merged into mvm(Maybe it is not elegant to use native codes in
Java).  So mvm is more appropriate to a pure resource-managed OS.
However, there are still some efforts to build a mvm on common
platform. I'm very interesting for your prototyping with MVM. Sun has
a project about mvm (mvm.dev.java.net, Barcelona's successor). A
prototyping MVM on solaris seem released.

Singularity v1 has given out some benchmark results. The basic
conclusion is that SIP is better than HIP. Of course, it is just
results from pure dotnet-style OS.

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