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From "Ilya Berezhniuk" <ilya.berezhn...@gmail.com>
Subject Make GC_CC working
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2007 02:11:26 GMT
Hi All,

Now we have GC_CC inoperable on most platforms - it works on
Windows/x86/release only.

I've checked M3 build, GC_CC works fine (although hangs from time to time).

I suggest committing HARMONY-5247 and HARMONY-5262 patches to fix most
of current GC_CC problems.

The problems are the following:

1) After r583223 threading commit GC_CC does not work in debug mode
because of multiple assertions.

2) After r587472 commit (symbols exporting policy) GC_CC was broken on
Linux because several symbols required by GC_CC were not added to EXP

3) After r599482 commit (uncompressed references) GC_CC works
incorrectly on x86_64 because of changed object layout for 64bit

4) GC_CC often hangs in shutdown. HARMONY-5136 has fixed the problem
for GC_GEN, but for GC_CC the problem still exists because of
different GC/Finalizer threads behavior.

HARMONY-5247 patch finally fixes the problem with shutdown deadlock on
ThreadGroup.lock monitor.

HARMONY-5262 patch fixes GC_CC problems 1) - 3).

With both these patches all 'build test' tests are passed on
Windows/Linux x86 and on Linux/x86_64 in both debug and release modes.

On 4-core Windows/x86_64 I've got 4 intermittent failures on debug
build (see details in HARMONY-5262), but these failures are not
reproducible on release build, and they also do not appear on 2-core
Looks like these failures are caused by some remaining threading
problems in GC_CC.

Since HARMONY-5262 affects only GC_CC, all tests are passed with
GC_GEN on all 4 tested platforms.

I think it's valuable to make GC_CC working, if we are planning to
include it into M4 builds.


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