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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general][bundle] FYI: "EIOffice with Harmony" bundle downloadable in sourceforge
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 14:07:47 GMT
Nadya Morozova wrote:
> Alexey,
> thanks for updating the site, both languages. suggestions:
> - fix stuttering typo in Everm[m]ore
> - optionally add a link to EIoffice as is, for people to know what it is
> that we're bundling with

Nadya, while I'm delighted to be collaborating with EIOffice developers
on the dev list, we must be mindful not to create any confusion / unfair
advantage for any participant.

There is an ASF programme through which association with the Foundation
and sponsorship can be formally recognized [1] - one level of which
includes a sponsor name on the website and a link.  IMO it would be
inappropriate for us to offer the equivalent outside the sponsorship

[1] http://www.apache.org/foundation/sponsorship.html


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