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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][luni] TreeMap woes
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2007 21:15:17 GMT
Sergey Kuksenko wrote:
> I really found a bug. But I wish to note, that it is a bug in Eclipse.
> The story:
> In order to caught that I've created a "mixed" TreeMap. The mixed tree map
> aggregates two TreeMaps - old implementation and new implementation. Also
> mixed TreeMap performs all operation on both maps and compared results.
> Using that I've cought the place where differentce occures.
> It was operation remove originally from TreeSet.
> Let see.
> Before we have two identical maps:
> Old -  { 43731146; 91780893; 92440425; }
> New - { 43731146; 91780893; 92440425; }
> Numbers are identityHashCode values.
> Element "91780893" comes to remove.
> After remove we got two different maps:
> Old -  { 43731146; 92440425; }
> New - { 43731146; 91780893; 92440425; }
>  If we have (before remove) elements in this order(for both threes) - it
> means that elements has the following order  43731146 < 91780893 < 92440425
> BUT! I found that Eclipse's comparator used here changed the behaviour.
> According to my logs,  sign(cmp(43731146,91780893)) == 1 that means that
> 43731146 > 91780893
> If we compare "key to remove" with all element we got the follwoing signs:
> -1,0,-1. This is a error.

I've seen a number of cases where applications do not implement to the
spec properly, and comparators seems to be a common case for mistakes
for some reason.

> Why RI doesn't fail at this case. It's happiness. Because of on RI 91780893
> (key to remove) is on root and we compare key with the root first, got
> equality and all ok. Occaisionally.
> On my implementation we do the comparison 91780893 with 43731146(first
> element), got the fact that "key to remove" is less then smallest element in
> Tree and we have nothing to remove.

This kind of behavior difference in the face of misbehaving application
is particularly difficult to match.

> So I think we shouldn't rollback the pacth, but it makes sence to find a
> error in Eclipse and fill a bug against them.

I definitely think it is worth filing a bug against Eclipse.

Now what to do about the Harmony enhancement that causes Eclipse to
fail?  Do we really want to break for all the versions of Eclipse before
this bug of theirs is fixed?

> Note, as wrote before, I found one bug in TreeMap. But, the can't impact on
> Eclipse unit tests, because of according my logs all trees in EUT smaller
> then 100. But the bug can took a place with small probability for trees more
> then 64*3 elemens and can't be for trees with size smaller then 3*64.

I see Alexey patched that already.


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