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From "Sergey Kuksenko" <sergey.kukse...@gmail.com>
Subject Eclipse bug was: [classlib][luni] TreeMap woes
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 16:07:12 GMT
Hi All,
Here is a story why we get EUT failures after new TreeMap.

After new TreeMap implementation we got 3 error in EUT: testAddWorkingSet,
testGetWorkingSet and testRemoveWorkingSet.

The problem here that when this unit tests are running we got incorrect set
of WorkingSets obtained from WorkingSetManager.
Another problem - if we run these tests separately all of them are passed.

I did mixed TreeMap implementation: aggregates old and new TreeMaps and
compare trees after each operation.
When did it I got error (different trees) in test

I have to note that there are a lot of other unit tests executed between
IWorkingSetManagerTest and <>.
The tree difference error occurs for all test from IWorkingSetManagerTest
class, because of the error was in "doSetUp()" method.
Here is a part of code from "doSetUp()":

  IWorkingSet[] workingSets = fWorkingSetManager.getWorkingSets();
  for (int i = 0; i < workingSets.length; i++) {

WorkingSetManager store set of WorkingSets in SortedSet (TreeSet).

getWorkingSets() returs some filtered array of WorkingSets. In this unit
test the first WorkingSet is filtered (as global WS),
thus after this cycle we should get set of WorkingSets which contains only
one WS, but it did not occur.
Otherwords, after this cycle getWorkingSets() should return empty array (all
non-filtered WS should be removed).

TreeSet contains object with "org.eclipse.ui.internal.WorkingSet" class and
This classes are part of "org.eclipse.ui.workbench" plugin.

"WorkingSetComparator" compares two "WorkingSet"s using their labels and
names as strings. Here, before removing, TreeSet contains
3 WS objects:
{ "Window Working Set", " ", "ws1" } - this is TreeSet in order which
elements are stored, I put here labels of WorkingSets, because of it is
sufficient for understading behavior of comparator.

Here(before removing) we have such ThreeSet for old TreeSet, new TreeSet and
even on RI!

But! It is already incorrect TreeSet! Because of " " is less then "Window
Working Set".
The only difference between old TreeSet/RI and new TreeSet that new TreeSet
doesn't delete WS with name " " succesfully.
And as I alredy wrote succesfull removing WS with name " " at this place on
RI was accidental.

Moreover, I found original source of the problem.
Class org.eclipse.ui.tests.api.IWorkingSetTest is excecuted before
IWorkingSetTest contains unit tests "testSetName()" which tests that chaning
name of WorkingSet works succesfully.

public void testSetName() throws Throwable {
        boolean exceptionThrown = false;
        try {
        } catch (RuntimeException exception) {
            exceptionThrown = true;

        assertEquals(WORKING_SET_NAME_2, fWorkingSet.getName());

        assertEquals("", fWorkingSet.getName());

        fWorkingSet.setName(" ");
        assertEquals(" ", fWorkingSet.getName());

And after "testSetName()" TreeSet stored in workingSetManager are cleaned in
order to have empty TreeSet for all subsequent unit tests.
There are call "workingSetManager.removeWorkingSet(fWorkingSet)" where
fWorkingSet is WS with name " ". But because
of originally it was saved in Tree with the inital name ("ws1") then remving
are not performed even on RI.

So here we meet a bug in Eclipse and sometimes the bug leads to incorrect
TreeSet on RI and with the bug Eclipse is working on RI.
So I suppose that here having incorrect TreeSet is not critical for Eclipse

Let's add aditional checks into "testSetName()" unit test.

 assertTrue(ArrayUtil.equals(new IWorkingSet[] { fWorkingSet },
 assertTrue(ArrayUtil.equals(new IWorkingSet[] {},

The first assert here checks that fWorkingSet belongs to the TreeSet from
setManager, after that we remove the working set,
the second assert checks that working set was succesfully removed, and the
latest line restore workingSetManager state.

I've inserted these line at the beginning of "testSetName()" and at the end.
The first insertion checks that we can succesfully remove WS before
renaming, and the latest checks that we should be able remove WS after

I've got error on the last assert which proves that after remaning WS can't
be removed on Sun 1.6u3 and on BEA JRockit1.5

Bug 212583 was submitted against Eclipse.

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